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Editing Image’s Lights – Corona Virus, Home Staying, and Returning to Unfinished

Dear reader,

As the title suggest, and as i previously mentioned, yes, this post is one of those other post, which contains no content regarding to computer programming.

Also note that this post is just a simple “Story of my Life” post, and contains no practical or educational material.

It’s quite sometime that Corona (COVID-19) virus came out, and reached Iran. And due to situation i become jobless, and since it’s holiday, I can’t even try to find a new job. So, no worry, I stick with my suspended task, there are tons of them, and one of them that I like the most, is photography; but since the photography it self is prohibited by the state of mind (although many people are still going out and spreading the virus), I rather liked to stay home, and prepare my unfinished work with previous photography.


Lightroom Editing
Editing Past Photos via Lightroom

It’s already more than three years that i have been worked with Lightroom and sometime with Capture One. For me Lightroom is faster, and Capture One produce greater results, although it have some limitations in usage of the tools, that force you to go into Photoshop to continue, while Lightroom doesn’t.

When I want to process images in bulk, or saturated or contrasty, normally I choose the Lightroom, normally each photo takes 2~15 minutes long for me, sometimes more, sometimes less. In the other hand, when i want greater result, and more control, or a less saturated, contrasty photo, I try to go with Capture One, and somehow it takes around two hours for me.

It’s not the application itself that generated those saturated, contrasty results. Its the way I learned to work with them; and the way I do it, I generate those specific result, saturated with Lightroom, non-saturated with Capture One. Don’t stick with it, it’s no rule.

The photo I was editing here, was taken using a Nikon D7200 camera and a outdoor Mettle MT-400AD light with a Soft-box modifier on a light tripod, at December 4, 2018 right before sunset. It was lost in my collections for a long time due to several event that happened afterward; I just became way too busy to handle it. but fortunately I could finish them all in the last mid-night. and I shared a piece of that.

I hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for reading,
Hassan Faghihi.

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