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Diary of a noob programmer

JapanesePod101 a place that I found for learning Japanese

Today I’m not talking about programming.

To be honest I have lot of interest, and it’s true that I hardly spare some times for them, but programming is not my one and only hobby.

Playing guitar, photography, networking, and many other things including learning new language are my interests. Some I had some success on, and some not, some I found time for, and some other barely i could just look upon. Long story short, let get to what happened yesterday.

It’s quite long time since I started out with Japanese, in “Duolingo” website, and I’m afraid to put my foot further, and then i also join a Germany class, and start it in “Duolingo“, too. So i really missed learning Japanese. So, I look forward to one of the thing my friend do, which I start it out for about two or three week; And that’s nothing but listening to Germany podcasts, and now I also find some podcast that actually teach language.

So yesterday, I just told my self, hey lets look for a Japanese podcast, and then at the same-time I told myself, and not just any Japanese podcast, not just using to their language, I already heard it for long, it’s time to learn.

So I searched for one that can be used as a learning material. And now here I am, at, I just hope they keep on teaching for free, to a good point, as it’s hard for a Persian to open a master card account due to the nationality, and I’m one, too.

The course started in a cool way, not as perfect as Radio D & Goethe started their teaching material on German language. But it’s close enough, and you can understand it as far as I step forward. I just hope I keep it on till i learn something, and it become useful.


Thank you for your time,
Hassan Faghihi.

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