The Story of My Life

Diary of a noob programmer

I, Hassan Faghihi, 30 Years Old

I am Hassan Faghihi, 30 years old, and a full-stack programmer.

My journey in this field started long ago, but i just felt that i need to start writing. Not just for you, for my self. Instead of creating lot of random Helpers, Utilities and Contents that lost through time, my friend told me, it could be nice to have these content as blog. And I thought “why not?”

I can create contents while i keep track of what I did in the past, and I also help others.

At begin, I wasn’t sure what to share? should i share the Tree i made last week? it’s lot of code but it’s fine, then i came this morning and start testing my application, that i noticed my data is not complete, so I got involved with what, which will make my second Post.

So, here lies the rest of my story.
I hope you enjoy.

Thank you for reading,
Hassan Faghihi.

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